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Weddings inspired by Nature & Joy

Aline, founder

I’m Aline, passionate and attentive, a lover of nature and travel, I never cease to marvel at the beauty of people and the world. Detail oriented and perfectly organized, I’ll meet all your expectations to create a wedding perfectly integrated into your world.

Why weddings? Because I’ve always dreamed of them ! My passion for planning everything naturally led me there, with a huge helping hand from fate: witnessing a royal wedding! During Kate and William’s wedding, I wondered “how fascinating! The organization of an event of such magnitude, the amount of tasks to think about and accomplish, the incredibly skilled professionals who have been brought together to create such beauty – how does it work? who does it?” and that was the epiphany.

I felt the need to be well prepared to offer such services to couples, so I trained in design and planning, spent hundreds of hours studying the world of weddings and finally decided to open my own agency.

Tea lover, hard worker and forever cat mom, I make sure our clients have what they need, feel supported and that their events run smoothly and efficiently. Seeing the wedding day run smoothly is what drives my hard work and dedication to each and every couple.

The Agency

Created in 2019, the agency brings to life weddings filled with love and the beauty of nature, tailor-made to reflect your essence. Specializing in one-of-a-kind weddings, our agency offers a soothing, nurturing experience for busy couples who want to savor their day to the fullest, while calmly planning this milestone in their lives.

From decoration to the integration of your passions and vision of union, we work together to achieve an exceptional result. Take advantage of our sound advice and event management expertise to make the most of this memorable day, and turn it into the highlight of your life.

Aline, with her diploma in Wedding Planning and Wedding Design and many years of experience, will bring you gentleness, reassurance and satisfaction, while respecting your wishes and desires.

Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated to curating weddings that embody love, nature, and the individuality of each couple. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with years of experience, ensures that every wedding we plan is a seamless and enchanting affair.

Entrust us with your plans and aspirations, and we’ll make them a reality.

Meet the Team

Passionate and skilled, each member of our team shares a common passion for love and the art of creating unique weddings. With varied expertise in decorating, event coordination and logistics management, our team takes care of every detail to ensure the success of your special day.

When you work with AM-Weddings, you benefit from the experience and professionalism of a dedicated team. We are committed to understanding your dreams and turning them into reality, with personalized service and a meticulous approach. Entrust us with your story, and let our talented team create the wedding of your dreams.